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Paul Brinker and Inkdt guitars

Inkdt guitar skins are an easy and affordable way to add custom graphics to your guitar. The result is the look of an expensive, custom painted guitar without the mess, hassle or cost. Owner Paul Brinker created Inkdt with a passion for graphic design and a love for guitars. Inkdt officially launched in August of 2010 at Cincinnati's Midpoint Music Festival and has since taken off. Still young, Inkdt is continuing to expand. Inkdt is progressively adding more instruments and artwork to its site, Inkdt.com, and is endorsing several bands all over the US, including Sparks The Rescue (on Fearless Records) and local metalcore band, Did You Mean Australia?

samples of guitar designsInkdt skins are made from a unique, high grade, clear vinyl that adheres to the face of your guitar and can be removed easily without damaging your guitar's original finish. This allows you to change the look of your guitar as many times as you'd like. To apply, peel away the excess material, trim off the excess paper backing, position the skin on your guitar, and apply. Whether your skin comes precut to fit your guitar, or you order an uncut skin to create your own custom fit, Inkdt recommends CS Arts & Crafts blades to make any cutting quick and easy. Paul uses the ACM kit with the SM9105 knife and SM9303 blade for its tight turning radius and precision cutting.

Guitar skins are a great way for musicians to further express themselves and add stage presence. There are many design options available on Inkdt.com, as well as a Custom Shop where you can upload your own artwork or have Inkdt create a custom design for you. Customizing a guitar has never been easier.