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Plantimals are wood animal figures thru which plants can grow

Plantimals are wooden animal figures designed and created by Cincinnati, Ohio, artist Brad Cantwell. Ever the naturalist, Brad hit upon the idea for Plantimals over the course of many years spent landscaping and his appreciation for the ability of plants to thrive almost anywhere. Several Plantimals debuted in the spring of 2011 during the Krohn Conservatory's annual Butterfly Show in Cincinnati. Brad was commissioned to build the two featured butterflies (Blue Morpho & Clearwing). He also made a large version of Blue Morpho, which was prominently displayed at the show's entrance.

finished butterfly PlantimalThe basic concept of Plantimals is for you to create a whole new species. Plantimals are a fun craft for children and adults; they can be decorated with paints, stains, markers, colored pencils and even crayons. Each Plantimal arrives in pieces ready for your own designs and is assembled using our easy-to-follow instructions.

Brad uses our SM9210 combo kit (a 073S handle with 02-SM10A blades) to cut the design stencils for his finished Plantimals.

Once assembled, the animal figure can be used with a plant in a bed or a container. Each Plantimal is designed to be a structure which allows a plant to grow up, around and through it. The plant will grow naturally around the form or can be guided to achieve a specific look or effect. Plantimals can be displayed as ornamental art inside the home, on a patio, in a garden, or as part of the landscape design. While Plantimals can be used with a wide variety of trailing plants, bushy plants, grass-like plants, ferns and flowers, they can also be displayed as stand-alone objects.

Through design, decoration, assembly and choice of plant your Plantimal becomes a distinctive feature for your home and landscaping decor.

unfinished butterfly Plantimal

Butterfly Plantimals

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NOTE: Only large sizes available now; small sizes coming soon. Stakes are provided, making it possible for all Plantimals to be placed in any size pot or container. Plantimals ship unpainted and unassembled.

Additional product pictures and information can be found on the Plantimals FACEBOOK page.