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Share Your Story as a Featured Artist and you can win $250!

Win $250!

Wait, what? Yes you heard right! If you are chosen to be the next Featured Artist, you win $250 worth of supplies from CS Arts & Crafts!

Awesome! So what is it?

The Featured Artist Program offers participants the chance to feature their artwork on our website! We will share your art and include any promotional videos and pictures so you can share your art with others, and also give you the opportunity to sell your art from our site.

Feel free to check out our current Featured Artist.


  • To promote diverse artwork
  • Document exceptional artwork
  • Showcase artists

Who's eligible to apply?

Artists that use CS Arts and Craft blades to create their art may apply.
In your application, you must show how you use the blades in your craft.

What's the deadline to apply?

We are currently accepting rolling applications.

Sign me up! What do I need to do?

  1. Download and fill out our application form
  2. Attach the application along with pictures and/or video of your artwork and submit via email.

Where do I submit the application?